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Training Times and Membership

Check out when we hold our training, membership and session costs

Weekly Training Times - 2024

Under 8s:
​Our Friday night session for the Under 8's is a fun session where the children are introduced to the basics. 

We have 2 training sessions on Tuesdays and Fridays, over 8's and over 12's and upwards.

Adults /Seniors:
​We have 1 session a week for Adults where the mat is open to all grades, both men and women. Wednesday night from 7.30pm to 9pm.

Memberships and Session Fees

Annual Membership:

  • Junior £10

  • Adult £20

  • Family £30

Upfront fee for 6 week beginner courses to establish continuity:

  • O8-U12yrs: £30

  • O12-U18yrs: £35

  • Adult: £40

After completion of course, price will revert to below session fees.

Session Fees:

  • Under 8 & O8-U12yrs: £4.50 per session

  • O12-U18yrs: £5.00 per session

  • Adult: £5.00 per session

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